Monday 19 November 2018

How to manage Saturday & Sunday Football Predictions and Betting

One of the biggest challenges for football bettors is the volume of football games they have to deal with on Saturdays and Sundays during the regular season.
 On a busy weekend there are
over 100 football games on Saturday and Sunday. That’s far more games than even the most impressive football bettor can properly deal with. People are always tempted to do too much with many games. That can mean that they aren’t as prepared as they could be for each game. That can get expensive. Here are six tips to help you deal with the weekend’s flood of games:

Do as much as you can in advance –
The biggest mistake people make is trying to wait until Saturday and Sunday. By the time those days arrive you are going to be overwhelmed with the pressure of oncoming kickoffs, the last minute news and reviews, and the temptation to bet on every game you can. It’s too much to handle if you want to be sure to make good sports betting decisions. 
The more games you can select and make predictions before the weekend starts the better off you are. If you can select and predict games during the week you can do so without pressure and you can afford to spend more time per game and do things properly.

Have a budget in advance –
With so many football games to deal with it can be very easy to wind up spending far more money than you intended to. You can
easily be distracted by the prospect of the next game, the next angle, or the next opportunity. Suddenly you have made a whole pile of bets, and you have a chance to blow up your whole bankroll in one weekend if things don’t go well. It’s very important that you decide in advance how much you are willing to bet and what unit size you are going to use to bet it. 
Then you have to have the self-discipline to stick to that budget regardless of what happens. The biggest difference between smart, successful football bettors and gamblers is that smart bettors know how to manage – and keep – their money. Do not be a gambler. Ultimately, you don’t stand a chance of making any money if you don’t have any money left to bet.

Don’t bet on all –
You might feel like you want to bet every game, or bet every game in a specific league . Successful sports bettors know that they can’t do that. Betting on football is all about finding value. You have to be able to spot the games that have value, and to resist the temptation to bet on games that don’t have any value. It doesn’t matter what your opinion is about which team will win or lose a particular game. It only matters if the risk involved in your opinion comes with enough potential reward to make it worthwhile.

Eliminate games that aren’t profitable to you –
In order to deal with the huge number of games that are available to choose from you have to be able to quickly eliminate the games that aren’t interesting or potentially profitable to you. How you do that will depend, on your betting style and technique. 
What you need to remember, though, is that there are a lot of games that just aren’t going to work for you because of their particular style of play, the odds, and the matchups and how they compare to your preferences and the situations that are most profitable for you. The faster a sports bettor can recognize those games and discard them the faster they can start to look at the games that might have some potential for success.

Don’t run after loses or try to dig yourself out of a hole
If things go poorly early on, then you could find yourself in a big hole before Saturday is in the books. The worst possible thing a sports bettor can do is to start to increase your bet size and take extra risks in order to recoup your losses and turn the weekend into a winner. Betting houses and outlets are full of losers with stories to tell about how they chased their losses and wound up broke. Don’t be become one of those losers. 
It’s crucial to remember that being a winning bettor is all about the long term and not the short term. You’re going to have weekends where you are a loser, but if you have things figured out then over the long term you’ll get back those losses and more.

Hope you find this useful and helpful to improve on your winnings.

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